Routes - Our network

Air Greenland's route network consists of around 70 different connections, between 14 airports and 42 heliports and helistops

Our extensive route network can generally be divided into three; the helicopter network, the fixed network and the international network.

  • The helicopter network operates between settlements and the cities they are associated with. The routes have limited passenger numbers, but are at least as important as the rest of the network. Therefore, these are financed through service contracts, which are entered into with the Government of Greenland.
  • The fixed network operates between larger and smaller cities, where airports have been built. Fixed-wing aircraft operate on a year-round basis and ensure fast transport between 14 airports, ensuring that passengers can get to and from the international airports in Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq, as well as Nuuk and Ilulissat from in a few years.
  • The international network ensures airline connections to the outside world. We fly daily to Copenhagen, and weekly to Keflavik.


Above you can see our route network, which from 1965 became the world's largest helicopter network during the time we flew passenger flights with the Sikorsky S-61.

the new rute

The new route map, which includes Billund as a destination, can be seen here


The new Flight schedule can be seen here