Sustainability - Together we lift Greenland

Air Greenland's sustainability strategy supports our overall mission to lift Greenland by connecting our culture, nature and infrastructure to the rest of the world in a sustainable way.

Air Greenland not only lifts Greenland literally by transporting passengers, mail and cargo to their destinations, but also, metaphorically speaking, lifts our country by taking social responsibility.

As Air Greenland is owned by the Greenlandic Government and thus the Greenlandic people, there is a great responsibility for us to take part in solving the social tasks in close cooperation with some of our stakeholders ranging from authorities, educational institutions, cultural and sports organisations and entrepreneurs as well as innovators.

Our sustainability strategy is based on our vision:

"We want to be the natural first choice that lifts Greenland. We will secure everyday life and create adventure. We do it sustainably"

We do this, among other things, by taking the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as our starting point, where we have selected five goals that we believe Air Greenland can make the greatest positive difference to Greenland and its society.

The goals are;

  • 4 Quality education
  • 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • 12 Responsible consumption and production
  • 13 Climate action
  • 17 Partnerships


Air Greenland is committed to integrating sustainable solutions in these selected areas as described in our annual sustainability reports "From Global Goals to Everyday Goals"


Read more about how we translate the five selected SDGs into everyday goals below

Our worldgoals

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VM 4: Quality education

Over the last 60 years, Air Greenland has trained more than 1,000 people, as people, now part of the company and as people in other functions, where they contribute to the continued development of society.

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VM 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Air Greenland ensures traffic throughout the country, all year round. When ships are unable to dock due to ice in the winter months, we are present with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, to service all inhabited places we can land.

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VM 12: Responsible consumption and production

At Air Greenland, we want to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism. This means sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

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VM 13: Climate action

At Air Greenland, we are very aware of the impact we have on the climate. We are always looking to make our production more climate-friendly, and with every new choice to be made, sustainability weighs heavily. This was also the case when we had to choose the type of helicopter that was to replace our fleet of B212s that have flown in Greenland since 1980. The choice fell on the EC155, which is a faster engine, with less fuel consumption.

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VM 17: Partnerships

The Air Greenland Group is a significant player in the development of Greenlandic society. We want to take active responsibility for a positive societal development. We have the opportunity to do so due to our size and therefore we are in close cooperation and partnerships with local actors in Greenland, both from business, public authorities and voluntary organizations.

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