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Welcome to Air Greenland's 'About Us' page, where you can read about much of the work we do on a daily basis. Air Greenland is a large company with a wide range of activities, from passenger flights to charter assignments, to the tourism industry.


Below you will be able to read about our organization, our sustainability strategy, our sponsorship policy, and also read about our history, which stretches back more than 60 years.


Greenland's national airline Greenland Airlines was established in 1960. The company changed its name to Air Greenland in 2002 and has undergone rapid development over the course of 60 years.


From seaplanes to jets, from helicopter service to scheduled flights with fixed-wing aircraft.


Then as now, we handle the flight in an Arctic airspace that offers very special challenges.

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At Air Greenland, we are aware of our role in the climate challenges, and every day we seek more sustainable initiatives.

With fleet renewal and procurement policies that place strict demands on ourselves, we have developed a strategy for our sustainable initiatives.

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Would you like to make a career in Air Greenland? Or do you have a dream of becoming a pilot, cabin crew or catering assistant? With our goal of taking 50 students and apprentices annually across the group, the possibilities are many. We welcome people from all parts of society into our organization.



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Air Greenland's history stretches back more than 60 years, and has evolved in many different directions.

When the company first started under the name Greenland Airlines, it was with the primary task of servicing the United States Air Force when their four DYE stations were to be supplied.

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The Air Greenland Group is a broad and diverse company that works to guarantee the best customer journey, from the time you book your ticket until you arrive at your final destination, and all the way until you are home again.

That is why we are not only responsible for aviation in Greenland, but also have a hand in it when it comes to accommodation and tourism experiences.


News from Air Greenland

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Air Greenland's route network consists of around 70 different connections, between 14 airports and 42 heliports and helistops.


Our extensive route network can generally be divided into three; the helicopter network, the fixed network and the international network.



Air Greenland has a sponsorship policy to contribute to projects that benefit our company and the Greenlandic community. We seek to contribute to sustainable tourism, where local experience is a significant factor.



The Air Greenland Group - comprising Air Greenland A / S, A / S Hotel Arctic, World of Greenland and Grønlands Rejsebureau A / S - has decided to establish a whistleblower scheme for the Group's employees, customers, suppliers and other external partners.