VM 17: Partnerships

The Air Greenland Group is a significant player in the development of Greenlandic society. We want to take active responsibility for a positive societal development. We have the opportunity to do so due to our size and therefore we are in close cooperation and partnerships with local actors in Greenland, both from business, public authorities and voluntary organizations.

Our goal is to create and achieve sustainable goals in our time, but also to work for future generations to have good opportunities to live a good life.


As one of those goals, we will promote volunteer motivation throughout the group, to help lift the association life in Greenland.


Through our partnerships, we will also cater for projects that work with sustainability, promote entrepreneurship, have a local affiliation and have commercial relevance for us. We work away from the traditional idea of ad-hoc sponsorships, and focus heavily on real partnerships that promote sustainable development for the country and the world as such.


We support sustainable tourism, and award our support on the basis of six fixed criteria, among others. with a focus on the long-term potential of the agreement, and that our participation will contribute to supporting sustainable tourism development throughout the country.


The Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Since 2017, we have worked with the Foundation for Entrepreneurship-Kalaallit Nunaat to ensure that Greenlandic pupils and students meet entrepreneurship in teaching, so that they can become more innovative and eventually start new companies.


We are proud to contribute to the spread of exciting sustainable projects, and in this way also help to lift Greenland through entrepreneurship. With the Partnership Agreement, we commit ourselves to contributing knowledge, helping at events and sponsoring, among other things. an annual subsidy for airline tickets, which will go to travel that helps to spread the knowledge and knowledge about entrepreneurship at primary school level. In 2021, Air Greenland has extended the partnership agreement with the Foundation for Entrepreneurship-Kalaallit Nunaat by another two years.


A close collaboration with Visit Greenland

Air Greenland and Visit Greenland have the common goal of creating a greater focus on sustainable tourism in Greenland. That is why we have entered into a collaboration, which is about getting relevant media and press people from outside to Greenland and creating international media coverage of the various, sustainable initiatives that are made at national level.


Another, and absolutely essential part of our collaboration is that we, together with Greenland Business, award the Greenland Tourism Award.


The prize is awarded to a local player who has developed a product that is based, among other things, on sustainability. Sustainability in tourism can be many things, but the winners of the award are chosen for their ability to create jobs locally, and that the development takes into account the country's nature and resources - with a focus on innovation and security.


In 2021, Diskobay Tours, run by Nivé Heilmann and Frank Larsen, won the main prize while Travel by Heart, run by Elise Bruun, won the People's Choice.


Due to COVID-19, the Greenland Tourism Award was not held in 2020, but in 2019 it was Arctic Dream, run by Lars Peter Anker Møller, that went with the award.