Monday, June 17, 2024

Air Greenland and Hurtigruten Expeditions enter an agreement

Air Greenland Group and the  cruise company Hurtigruten Expeditions enter into a strategic framework agreement. The agreement aims to promote value creation from cruise tourism in Greenland and support sustainable initiatives in local communities.


From summer 2025, Air Greenland will fly approximately 7,000 passengers and crew members for Hurtigruten Expeditions on the route between Copenhagen and Nuuk and Nuuk and Keflavik. The flights are in connection with the replacement of cruise passengers and crew on the expedition ships M/S Fridtjof Nansen and M/S Roald Amundsen.


Jacob Nitter Sørensen, CEO of Air Greenland Group, expresses great satisfaction with the agreement.

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“After many years of dialogue with Hurtigruten Expeditions, we are proud to present this agreement, which not only ensures us more passengers on the upcoming competitive routes, but also contributes positively to society. It opens for these passengers to travel in Greenland as tourists before or after their cruise, which will benefit local tourism operators” says Jacob Nitter Sørensen.

Hurtigruten Expeditions is known for its focus on sustainability and expedition ships that are designed and built as hybrid ships that can run on biofuels and connect to the electricity grid when in port. The company is committed to contributing to the local community.


“It's clear that Hurtigruten wants to do more than just cruising. They want their cruise passengers to also experience the country using locals and their knowledge, and we at Air Greenland Group also have that focus, as we want local anchoring to ensure value creation here on land, says Jacob Nitter Sørensen.


Hurtigruten Expeditions, CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, explains that their products must live up to the principles of sustainable tourism development. 

Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam

“With our agreement with Air Greenland, we have reached an important milestone in our strategy to deliver authentic and sustainable experiences in Greenland. We look forward to contributing to value creation in local communities and strengthening Greenland as an attractive destination for expedition cruises. We are here with sustainability as our keyword," says Daniel Skjeldam.

The two parties will mark the signing of the agreement at an event at Nuuk Harbour on Wednesday 19 June at 10.30, where the expedition ship. M/S Fridtjof Nansen will dock. There will be ceremonial speeches, cultural events and an open ship for those who can present ID cards. Finally, there will be a draw for a cruise for two people and a flight to or from the destination in Greenland, where you board the ship.

Briefly about Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten was established in 1893 and operated along the coast of Norway as a passenger and cargo service. Since the 1960s, Hurtigruten has developed cruise tourism along the Norwegian coast and in the 2000s expanded its activities to include expedition voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic. Hurtigruten is known for, among other things, striving for sustainable solutions in shipping by sailing on hybrid technology. The two expedition ships, MS Roald Amundsen and MS Fridtjof Nansen, can run on biofuels and can be connected to electricity in ports that can supply it, reducing the use of fossil fuels.