Air Greenland gets helicopter simulator

The helicopter simulator will improve flight safety training, promote sustainability initiatives and reduce training costs.

The simulator targets H125 helicopters, which will replace the AS350 helicopter from August/September next year. Read more here  


Air Greenland uses different types of helicopters. For larger helicopters, such as the Airbus H155 and H225, pilots conduct their training using full flight simulators in international training centres. The new simulator, from Swiss Loft Dynamics, makes it possible to bring the training equipment to the pilots.


Air Greenland's new simulator is one tenth the size of the traditional simulators. As a result, the simulator fits into an office space in Air Greenland's training facilities in Hangar 3, where it is now operational.


- The device will be used to conduct the "refreshening" in the spring, which includes operator and licence checks, including extended procedural and safety training. It allows our crew to train normal and emergency procedures in depth. This training apparatus now makes it possible to provide each crew member with the training to bring individual pilot skills up to the level required to operate safely in our demanding environment. This will help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and at a significantly lower cost than on the real helicopter, says Marco Peyer, Chief Flight Instructor for the Airbus H125 fleet at Air Greenland.


- A great tool to significantly improve training in terms of flight safety. Efficient use and economically advantageous. The unit is easy to install and does not take up much space, says Brian Jørgensen, Head of Training and Crew training at Air Greenland.

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