Friday, May 17, 2024

Air Greenland opens route to Iqaluit

On June 26, 2024, Air Greenland will open a new route between Nuuk and the capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit during the summer peak season until October 23. The new route will have a weekly departure every Wednesday, with same-day connections to the Canadian capital Ottawa, the city of Montreal and Kuujjuaq in Nunavik. This follows an agreement between Air Greenland and airline Canadian North to connect selected destinations in their route network.    


The opening of the Nuuk - Iqaluit route follows the cooperation agreement signed in 2022 between Nunavut and Greenland. In the agreement, the parties express their desire to increase cooperation on culture, education, fisheries and green energy, and last but not least, to pave the way for better mobility. The latter is now becoming a reality.

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- We know that there is a great desire for closer cooperation between Nunavut and Greenland and to ensure the dialogue, it is natural to open a route to our neighbours to the west. We believe that this will create an even stronger foundation to support the business, political and cultural ties that already exist," says Malik Hegelund Olsen, Chairman of the Board of Air Greenland.


- Canadian North and Air Greenland have been working towards connecting our two regions since January, 2020, when we signed a letter of intent. This work has continued despite being temporarily delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, says Johnny Adams, Executive Chairman of Canadian North, and continues. 

- We are very excited that this route is launching, connecting the circumpolar region, says Johnny Adams.  

There will be a weekly departure on Wednesdays with Air Greenland's Dash-8 aircraft at 14:55. The flight time is expected to take around two hours and with a two-hour time difference, the aircraft will land in Iqaluit around 14:00 local time. The new route will initially be operated from June to October with the possibility of expansion if demand is good.  

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- Our mission is to lift Greenland, and with the opening of the route to Iqaluit, we will greatly contribute to further opening up the country for cooperation with our brothers and neighbours in the west. The desire to visit each other in the Arctic region has increased since the last scheduled flight between the two capitals in 2014. We believe that the time and local market is now right to take up the route again, says Air Greenland's CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen.   

Interline agreement with Canadian North  

With the opening of the route to Iqaluit, it will also be possible to fly on to Canada's capital, Ottawa, located 2100 kilometers south of Iqaluit, the city of Montreal and Kuujjuaq in Nunavik  


This comes after Air Greenland and the airline Canadian North signed an interline agreement on selected routes. This will make it possible to buy an interline ticket between Nuuk and Ottowa, Montreal and Kuujjuaq. It will also mean that in the future, tickets can be booked directly to these destinations on both airlines' websites.  


- I'm very pleased that we've also succeeded in entering into a collaboration with Canadian North, so travellers will be able to easily book tickets all the way to three more destinations in the region. It will be exciting to follow the development, and we look forward to both sending residents west and receiving guests from Nunavut, Nunavik and Canada, says Air Greenland's CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen.   


Canadian North's CEO, Shelly De Caria, is also excited about the partnership.   

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- We're excited to boost tourism, encourage regional and cultural collaboration, and drive economic development through this groundbreaking partnership," says Shelly De Caria, President and CEO of Canadian North. "The launch of this route highlights Canadian North's commitment to fostering connections between communities and deepening cultural ties, an continues, 

- The launch of this route underscores Canadian North's commitment to connecting communities and deepening cultural ties, says Shelly De Garcia.   

Canadian North's route network consists of 27 destinations; in the capital province of Ontario, Nunavut, Nunavik, North West Territories, Quebec and Alberta, which can now be travelled on an interline ticket to and from Ottawa, Montreal and Kuujjuaq via Iqaluit.    


For further information contact:  

Air Greenland: Marketing manager, Katja Vahl, ph. +299 589259, kvh@airgreenland.gl  
Canadian North: title, name, ph. and e-mail  


Tickets for the route between Iqaluit and Nuuk are on sale and can be purchased either directly on Air Greenland's website or through travel agents. In 2024, the route will be operated from June 26 to October 23 every Wednesday during the period.   

The price of a one-way ticket from Nuuk to Iqaluit starts from DKK 1,995 or approximately 392 Canadian dollars, CAD.   

Please note that you need to apply for an entry permit to Canada, which you can read more about here.
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