Monday, September 4, 2023

Information about time zone change

Have you purchased a flight ticket and are travelling after Sunday 29 October 2023? Then this information is relevant for you.

Europe will switch to winter time/normal time on the night of Sunday 29 October 2023, while Greenland will remain on summer time. This means that the time difference between West Greenland and Europe will be three hours UTC-2, and not four hours UTC-3 as we are used to. Inatsisartut, Greenland's parliament, has passed a law on the determination of time, which you can read more about here, in Dansih and Greenlandic only 

What does this have to do with your flight?

Air Greenland's timetable systems will be updated from Sunday 3 September 2023 so that they do not automatically switch to winter/normal time. The update will take place over a few days. When this happens, you will receive a text message stating that your flight will depart an hour later than planned. Simply take the SMS for information and do nothing further. However, we recommend that you check the GL number of the flight you're travelling on as your journey approaches to make sure you arrive at check-in at the right time. You can find the overview of flight departures from the different heliports and airports on our website

Please note that flight times from Denmark, as well as flights to and from Nerleriit Inaat/Constable Pynt, Ittoqqortoormiit and Pituffik Space Base/Thule will not be affected by the change, as these are not covered by the Act on the Determination of Time in Greenland.


We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the changes. We must make it clear that only those who have already purchased a flight with Air Greenland - travelling after 28 October 2023 - will receive an SMS about changes to the flight in connection with the update of our system.