Monday, February 5, 2024

Norsaq as an Aviation Tag

It was a sad moment to witness Norsaq's final flight in March last year as it flew over Nuuk.


Most of Nuuk's population gathered in groups to wave goodbye to Norsaqs during her very last flight to Pinal Airpark in Marana, Arizona, where she would be used as a spare aircraft in the future.

Final goodbye

As "she" flew low over the town, everyone fell silent - and with sadness in their eyes, they watched Norsaq fly around the town a few times before she disappeared into the horizon. It was a touching moment, and rightly so, as it has a long history.


Norsaq joined Air Greenland in August 2002, she has had 41,364 flight hours and completed 10,112 take-offs and landings before she found her final resting place on 12 March 2023.


Norsaq has been Air Greenland's transatlantic connection for more than 20 years and has been of great importance to Air Greenland and not least to our passengers.


We are therefore pleased that Norsaq's outer cladding has now been manufactured as aviation tags. These are small tags that can be used as collector's items, key rings or luggage tags, as seen in the pictures. In this way, she lives on.


"Norsaq's journeys across the Atlantic have not only connected landscapes, but also hearts and stories, giving it a special place in the narrative of our passengers and the wider community. Norsaq has been more than an aircraft; it has been a bridge between destinations and people, a constant in the ever-changing skies," said Jacob Nitter Sørensen, CEO of Air Greenland.


He expressed satisfaction in preserving the legacy of Norsaq through aviation tags that give individuals a chance to hold a piece of history.


If you want to own a piece of Norsaq as an aviation tag, it can be found on the Aviationtags website, at a price of 39,95€, which is equivalent to around 300 DKK. There are a limited number for sale.