Air Greenlands fleet

Throughout our more than 60-year history, we have had a wide variety of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. When we first started our journey in 1960, it was with leased machines through agreements that we took over from KGH, which since 1958 had managed aviation in Greenland.

Quite a few years later, we were able to get rid of the leased machines and buy our own. Since then, we have had a large number of machines for shorter and longer periods, with some machines that have lasted 30, 40, even 50 years in the fleet.
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Current fleet

A330 800 Air Greenland MSN2020 First Flight 03

2022 – Airbus 330neo

In 2019, it was decided to purchase a new Atlantic aircraft to replace the Airbus A330-200, which had flown the route between Greenland and Denmark since 2002. The choice fell on a brand new A330neo, to be built from scratch and which consequently paved the way for opting for the most sustainable solutions.


'Tuukkaq' was handed over on 6 December 2022 in Toulouse to Air Greenland


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2021 – H155

In 2020, it was decided that the company's Bell 212s, which have an average age of over 40 years, should be replaced with newer machines. The choice fell on the H155, and the first was phased in in 2021. In 2022, another five H155s will be delivered and the seven B212s have been sold to interested parties in Canada.


It has also been decided that the company will acquire one more H155, so that the fleet replaces just over in number.

H225 2

2020 – H225

The last two S-61s that Air Greenland still had in the fleet have been used as SAR aircraft. In 2020, they were finally replaced with the more modern H225.


H225 flies exclusively as a SAR aircraft in North Greenland, with a permanent seat in Kangerlussuaq.

Dash 8 2

2010 – Dash-8

Dash-8 came to Greenland in 2010, when Air Greenland began a modernization of the domestic flight with fixed-wing aircraft. The Dash-8 replaced its predecessor, the Dash-7, which since ‘79 had been a pillar of Greenlandic aviation.


Until 2015, the two machines flew side by side, as 7s were replaced by 8s.


1991 – Kingair BE200B

Since 1996, King Air has had a permanent place as a charter machine, primarily for use by the healthcare system. Since the acquisition of the latest model in 2019, Air Greenland and the Health Service have had a fixed lease agreement on the machine, and it is thus in practice the health service's machine.


1990 – AS350

The well-known, smaller helicopter, AS350, has been flying in Greenlandic airspace since the early 1990s. Initially for ‘GLACE’, then transferred to Greenland Airlines. The helicopter proved to be suitable for the company's needs, and over the years more have been procured. The fleet now counts 9 pieces. of the type AS350B3.


Bell 222 Om Os Flåde

2007-2012 – Bell 222

When the competing company, Air Alpha Greenland, left Greenland and Air Greenland took over their service contract routes, the company in the same connection took over four of Air Alpha Greenland's Bell 222. They were subsequently phased out.

1998 Boeing 757 Egen Fotobank

1998-2010 – Boeing 757

Grønlandsfly's first, own Atlantic pilot, came about as part of the competition against SAS, which until now had been in the monopoly with passenger flights between Denmark and Greenland.


The aircraft, which was named ‘Kunuunnguaq’ after Knud Rasmussen, became such a great success that in 2002 SAS threw in the towel and for a time left aviation in Greenland.


With the acquisition of the new balcony aviator, ‘Norsaq’, ‘Kunuunnguaq’ was deployed on the Atlantic route Narsarsuaq-Copenhagen instead, as it flew until the known machine was sold.

1996 Bell 407 Egen Fotobank (1)

1996-1999 – Bell 407

Bell 407, like many other, earlier machines, had a short history with Greenland Airlines. It had originally been decided to buy 6 pcs. but ended up getting only one. The machine was soon deselected in favor of the AS350.

1995 Hughes 369D

1995-2002 – Hughes 369D

Acquired for various charter assignments.

1990 Cessna 550

1990-1992 – Cessna 550

The Cessna 550 flew in the early 90s for ‘GLACE’.

1986 Cessna 172 Egen Fotobank

1986 – Cessna 172

Cessna 172 was acquired in 1986 and has since been used for tourist flying, sightseeing, etc. Is still airworthy, but is no longer used for the general public.

1985 AS355 Erik Frikke Oy Reg.Dk, Har Modtaget Godkendelse

1985-1986 – AS355

The AS355 was a short pleasure for Greenland aircraft and only stayed in the fleet for a year.

1983 Piper Cheyenne

1983-1987 – Piper Cheyenne

Piper Cheyenne was acquired in 1982 for the subsidiary ‘GLACE’.

1982 Piper Super Cub

1982 – Piper Super Cub

Piper Super Cub was acquired in 1982 and has, among other things, flown around Kangerlussuaq.

1980 B212 Egen Fotobank

1980-2022 – Bell 212

Another machine that to this day has been admired by our passengers is the Bell 212. The machine came in and replaced other, older machines on the grid in the outlying areas. Until the phasing out, the machine was thus characteristic of district aviation, especially in South and East Greenland.

1979 Dash 7 Egen Fotobank

1979-2015 – Dash-7

The machine, which was to become the symbol of domestic aviation in Greenland, Dash-7 was created in connection with the construction of several airports along the west coast of Greenland. The route network had to be developed and the helicopter was no longer sufficient.


Like the Twin Otter, the machine was a CHAIR aircraft, and was thus suitable for the new runways that were built in the coming years.

1976 Bell 204

1976-1982 – Bell 204

Five Bell 204s were procured as replacements for the S-58ETs. They also performed various charter tasks. 

1958 DHC3 Otter Egen Fotobank

1976-2009 – DHC-6 Twin Otter

The first Twin Otter came to Greenland in 1976. The Twin Otter was a versatile machine that was able to take off and land on short runways, a so-called CHAIR plane, and could land on almost any kind of ground. Equipped with skis, the machine was thus obvious for the supply flights to DYE-2 and –3 on the Inland Ice.

1973 S58ET Egen Fotobank

1973-1976 – Sikorsky S-58ET

4 S-58s were acquired during '73 -'76, for Grønlandsfly's subsidiary, Glace. The machine was a sister to the S-61.

1973 Bell 206B Egen Fotobank

1973-2000 – Bell 206B Jet Ranger

The B206 was acquired in ’73 and used for various charter flights. Among other things, it replaced the Alouette III on ice launches.

1971 DC6B SFJ 1

1971-1979 – Douglas DC6B

The DC 6 was introduced in the early 70's as a replacement for the DC4. DC6 was used for passenger flights, including flights to Denmark.

1969 Alouette 3

1969-1982 – Alouette III

Alouette III flew up through the 70s, where it was used for passenger flights in South Greenland and subsequently between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq. The machine was also used for various charter flights.

1965 S61N Egen Fotobank

1965-2020 – Sikorsky S-61N

The S-61 was the first type of helicopter that Greenland Airlines acquired. The machine was acquired as a direct replacement for the Catalina, which had operated passenger flights since the company's inception.

In addition to passenger flights, the S-61 was used for many kinds of tasks; oil exploration, ambulances, and was also chartered out to countries in Europe.

The machine became an indispensable part of Greenlandic society and a symbol of Greenlandic aircraft.

The fleet of S-61s numbered eight when they were most numerous.

1960 DC4

1960-1970’s – Douglas DC4

From 1960 to ’63, the DC4 was leased from Iceland for USAF supply flights between Kangerlussuaq and Kulusuk. In 1963, Grønlandsfly acquired the machine, which the first aircraft type the company owned itself.

1960 S55

1960-1965 – Sikorsky S-55

The S-55s were the first type of helicopter that Greenland Airlines flew with. They were leased from the Canadian company Kenting Helicopters. Greenland aircraft did not even fly the machines that flew for the United States Air Force (USAF) to supply DYE-1.

1958 DHC3 Otter Egen Fotobank

1958-1960s – DHC3 Otter

The otters initially flew under KGH, leased from Canada, but were taken over by Grønlandsfly at the founding of the company. Was initially intended as a temporary solution, and was phased out with the purchase of DC4 and Sikorsky S-61.

1958 Catalina Egen Fotobank

1958-1965 – Canso Catalina

The Catalinas initially flew under KGH, but were taken over by Grønlandsfly at the founding of the company. Was intended from the beginning as a temporary solution, and was phased out with the purchase of the Sikorsky S-61