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Welcome to our page dedicated to Tuukkaq, our Airbus A330neo. Tuukkaq took over Norsaq at the end of 2022. Here you can explore our impressive aircraft and read about what you can expect when traveling across the Atlantic with Tuukkaq.


Tuukkaq is an aircraft that combines the latest technology with a deep respect for Greenland's unique nature and culture.


Myths: On the walls you can see myths of Asiaq, the spirit of wind and weather. The design of the cabin reflects the myths and in this way, Tuukkaq uses the rich Greenlandic cultural heritage as a part of the travel experience.


Quiet travel experience: Tuukkaq is the quietest aircraft in its class. Rolls-Royce produces our engines, which are a Trent 7000 model. This is world-class technology and therefore you as a traveler will experience a quieter and more comfortable flight.


Luggage compartment: Our redesigned luggage compartment offers 66% more space for your luggage. This allows you to store your belongings closer to you, making boarding and flying more comfortable.


The cabin: Tuukkaq has two comfortable classes:


  • Premium Class: With 42 luxurious seats, you'll enjoy a premium experience with extra legroom and enhanced comfort.
  • Economy Class: Our economy class offers 263 seats with great comfort.


Tax-Free catalog: You can read our Tax-Free catalog here or via Tuukkaq's entertainment system.

Inflight Entertainment: Our entertainment system includes a great combination of world-class movies and music, with a strong emphasis on Greenlandic content. You can also explore Greenland through our 'Discover Greenland' section, which allows you to explore what Greenland has to offer.


Free food and drinks: We offer drinks, meals and of course coffee and tea. Special requests such as vegetarian or children's menus can be requested when booking.


WiFi: The sky is no longer the limit! Our Ka-band antenna technology gives you access to WiFi throughout your flight, so you can stay connected even when you're in the sky.


When you fly Premium Class with Air Greenland, we offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your travel experience.


With Premium Class you get the following:

Baggage benefits: As a Premium Class passenger, you have the option to bring more kilograms of baggage weight and/or number of bags.


Lounge access: When flying Premium Class, you have access to Copenhagen Airport's two lounges located in Terminal 2. Here you can relax, enjoy snacks, drinks and more before your flight.


Priority boarding: As a Premium Class passenger, you will be given priority boarding, which means you can board earlier and find your seat at your leisure before others.

Comfortable seating: Premium Class seats are wider and have more legroom compared to Economy Class. This allows you to stretch out and relax during the flight and enjoy a peaceful and private in-flight atmosphere

Business facilities: If you need to work in-flight, Premium Class offers a better workspace for those who want to work in-flight. You'll have access to power outlets and a larger desk to make your work as comfortable as possible.


Hot meals: When flying Premium Class, you'll be served a hot meal and delicious, high-quality beverages.

Priority baggage claim: When you arrive at your destination, Premium Class passengers have priority baggage claim, which means you'll get your baggage faster than others.


We look forward to welcoming you aboard Tuukkaq for a memorable travel experience.


Welcome aboard!

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