Cancels ticket conditions due to strike notice

Air Greenland has made the following decisions to give customers the best possible conditions for planning their journey, regardless of whether there will be a strike or not:


If customers have a journey between 23 June and 7 July between Greenland and Denmark, it is already possible to get their ticket refunded regardless of whether there will be a strike or not and regardless of ticket type. If the customer chooses to make use of this offer and still wants to travel if there is no strike, then one must be aware that one is forced to buy a new ticket, which may be more expensive and with different conditions than the one in his time has bought. As we enter the busiest part of the high season, it is important to emphasize that there are limited seats left on board the departures in July and August and that the purchase of a new ticket during this period will therefore be on the terms that exist at the time of purchase.


Customers are asked to inquire about the possibility of a refund via this page: https://kundeservice.airgreenland.gl/hc/da/requests/new


NOTE: If you have bought a ticket from a travel agent, you must contact your travel agent for a refund of the ticket.


In the event of a strike, all affected flight tickets, regardless of ticket type, will be refunded. If the strike becomes a reality, Air Greenland will inform about this in good time before the first day of the strike.