Educations in Air Greenland

As one of the country's largest companies, we believe we have a responsibility to strengthen the local experience. Therefore, we have a goal of having about 50 students and apprentices annually throughout the group. We have students in pretty much all of our departments and companies.


Our training strategy is based on the group and the individual employee.


The strategy commits and also has an impact on the way we think about education. We have a vision to lift Greenland, so that our training efforts therefore embrace a wide range, and are targeted at the individual employee, the customer experience and the needs of society. We want to continue to be an attractive choice for young people who choose to study, and we invest long-term when we develop skills.

We offer places for students and apprentices who are about to start a practical education, and we also offer student places for students in the academic educations that the business school offers.


In addition, we have students in internships, just as we offer places for students who are about to start writing their final thesis or thesis.


Read more here about the different educations we offer in the organization.

Educations in Air Greenland

Benjamin 202218 JPG


As a pilot, you will be involved in planning and implementing the day's flights. In addition to the flight itself, you also help to ensure that the machine you are about to operate soon lives up to the standards and whether it is safe to go into the air.

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AB P1580 (5)

Aircraft mechanic

As an aircraft mechanic student, you will be part of a team that ensures traffic between towns and villages throughout Greenland. You will be involved in preventive maintenance of our aircraft and helicopters, which ensure that they can get into the air according to plan, and you will be involved in troubleshooting when things go wrong.

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Cabin Crew

Cabin crew

As a cabin crew student, you learn to handle the situation on board and your responsibility for the safety of your passengers. You will also learn all about providing great service to your passengers and how important it is that they are comfortable during their journey with us.

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Traffik Thala (3)

Traffic Assistant

As a traffic assistant, you help to ensure that our passengers have a good experience before and after the flight. You will be responsible for check-in, boarding and that the passengers need to be informed if there are challenges with their journey.

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Terminal worker

The terminal worker is a position that consists of two, main directions; the freight terminal and cargo people. In the freight terminal you will handle mail and freight. The cargo people work, among other things, with unloading and loading aircraft and preparing luggage.

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AU Elev

The academy education

Our AU students gain insight into a wide range of subject areas and assignments. The work varies depending on the line you have chosen to take at Greenland Business School, but common to the three lines are: the administrative work, customer service and various IT systems.

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IT Billede (3)


As an IT supporter, you will learn about IT systems in the office area. These can be telephones, computers and copiers. You will learn to find faults, to repair and install IT equipment. Your job is to develop, build or maintain IT systems.

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Gastronomi (2)

Catering and Canteen Assistant

Air Greenland offers internships for caterers and canteen assistants, where you can learn how to prepare and serve food in canteens. An important part of the work is to put together meals and you will be trained in the work tasks that belong to the education.

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