Our logo is an ice crystal

Arctic Identity The ice crystal symbolizes the cold and icy climate of our country and its Arctic surroundings. It showcases the unique nature of our home.


Symbol of Safety
The ice crystal represents our commitment to safety and reliability in challenging weather conditions. The logo suggests that our airline has the expertise to navigate the Arctic climate.


Travel and Destinations
The dots on the ice crystal can represent destinations, and the lines they form can be seen as departures and arrivals. In this way, the logo represents what we do.


The Aircraft
The final unique detail in Air Greenland's logo is that when the letters are combined with the ice flower, they form the outline of an aircraft.


The Air Greenland logo consists of three elements:

The Air Greenland logo, the ice crystal, and the distinctive red graphic background.
These elements and their relationships must never be altered or modified in any way when displayed together. The logo must always be followed by the ice crystal.

The ice crystal is sometimes used as a standalone graphic element.



Typically on social media, where an image of consistent height and length is required. It can also be used as a graphic design element on its own with transparency. The aspect ratio and placement of the dots should never be altered.

Red on white - compact version



This is the compact version of the logo. This variation is suitable when it is crucial to place the logo centrally to achieve balance or when there is insufficient space on a medium for the regular logo. Just like the larger version, it is essential to maintain the specified clear space. Each element of the logo should remain an integrated unit.

Clear space

To ensure maximum impact, we have defined a minimum clear space around our logo.

A clear space around a logo, is crucial for ensuring visual clarity and maintaining the logo's impact. It prevents visual clutter and enhances recognizability by providing a buffer zone that isolates the logo from other elements. This ensures that the logo remains clear, readable, and retains its intended design integrity in various contexts and sizes. Clear space is essential for brand consistency and effective communication.