VM 12: Responsible consumption and production

At Air Greenland, we want to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism. This means sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

With our subsidiary, World of Greenland [LINK TO BOTTOM ABOUT WOG], we have engaged in a form of sustainable tourism that strives for complete CO2 neutrality. World of Greenland offers lodges in three places around Ilulissat, and soon our guests will also be able to experience a completely neutral offer in Nuuk's own backyard when Nuuk Icefjord Lodges at Kapisillit is ready in 2025.


Nuuk Icefjord Lodge

Nuuk Icefjord Lodge will be a sustainable, year-round luxury wilderness camp close to Kapisillit. In Greenland, each season is unique and has something else to offer - we want to share that with our guests.


All buildings and installations are thus built and constructed as year-round cabins.


Year-round tourism is sustainable tourism - and provides opportunities for year-round employment in industry, making it more attractive to local workers. In addition, the cottages are located in a fantastic natural area. This creates the opportunity for a wide range of seasonal experiences; hiking, fishing, getting very close to the Ice Sheet, see northern ruins.


In the restaurant which will be part of the full experience, it will also be possible to submit your own catch for preparation.


Ilimanaq lodge

In one of the oldest settlements in the country, there are Ilimanaq Lodges, located at the edge of the mountain with nature very close by. In the village there is peace and quiet, which allows you to feel the wildlife and nature up close, and is an ideal place for those who go up in what imprint an experience makes.


Each cabin is equipped with a photovoltaic system, which provides energy for heat. The surplus production of electricity from the plant is included as a supplement to the village's electricity production.


Part of the sustainable initiatives is the predominant use of local raw materials, which thereby reduces the need for transport and contributes to local growth. To avoid food waste, the leftover food from the restaurant is given to the prisoners' sled dogs, who can enjoy a luxury meal.


Glacier Lodge Eqi

In Glacies Lodge Eqi, our cabins by the Icefjord in Ilulissat, we have taken a number of measures to ensure the least possible impact on the gentle, landscape in the area around the Eqi glacier and the wonderful accommodation options. Here, too, photovoltaic systems help us reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum, as we have eliminated the need to transport other energy sources to the remote glacier.


In 2021, World of Greenland has expanded the battery pack for the photovoltaic system so that the lodges can be more independent of generator power.


Igloo Lodge

Igloo Lodge is World of Greenland's first winter lodge. The opening of Igloo Lodge has been a major and important step towards a more sustainable tourism development in Disko Bay. Expanding the tourism season is one of the most important issues in the national tourism strategy, which we at World of Greenland are working on purposefully.


Igloo Lodges is built from the winter landscape's only naturally accessible material, snow, and thus uses the scarce natural resources that the Inuit have done for millennia.


Purchasing policy with a focus on green choices

Greenland's travel agency has a procurement policy with a focus on green choices. This means that purchases with green certifications such as office supplies, grocery consumption, paper etc. Weighted higher in the purchases.


In general, the travel agency has begun to make demands on suppliers that the deliveries must be sustainable.


For the departments in this country, it is further estimated that 90 percent of services and deliveries are provided by premises.


Local produce from local business people

It is in Hotel Arctic's DNA that as many Greenlandic raw materials and resources as possible are used locally. The kitchen's ingredients come from all over Greenland, local fishermen, hunters and producers contribute with sea and mammals as well as vegetables, sea water and herbs, so the hotel can promote tasty experiences for its guests.


In 2021, Hotel Arctic entered into a long-term agreement to supply baked goods to the local Brugseni.


Club Timmisa

Air Greenland's customers have the opportunity to become part of the customer club Club Timmisa. Members receive information about campaigns and events before this information is marketed more widely, just as an app has been developed with information about the individual member's travels.


Club Timmisa is constantly evolving, and provides the opportunity to check-in, buy tickets, get notified in real time, and most recently, inflight meal has become part of the newspapers and magazines available on the app. We thereby save weight and paper consumption on board our aircraft.