VM 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Air Greenland ensures traffic throughout the country, all year round. When ships are unable to dock due to ice in the winter months, we are present with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, to service all inhabited places we can land.

Three routes in one

Three route networks make up the entire aviation network in Greenland: the helicopter network in the outer districts, the fixed network between smaller and larger cities, and the international network that connects Greenland to Denmark and Iceland.


On the flights between settlements and the capital in the suburbs, there are usually not many passengers, and it is a challenge to cover the cost of flying in these areas.


However, it is at least as important to help traffic and transportation on the road in the outermost areas as it is around the more densely populated places.


In the outer districts we help with the flight of:

  • Freight
  • Fresh foods
  • Sick people going to hospital
  • People
  • Dogs


Therefore, we solve this task with the service contracts, which ensure flight to destinations where there are not enough passengers to pay what it costs to have a helicopter standing with crew, such as pilot, mechanic and cargo people.


We operate at 42 heliports and helistops, and 14 airports throughout the country, in addition to Kastrup and Keflavik.


We work daily to improve and optimize the route network, so that we get as many passengers as possible with as few machines as possible.


It gives us better utilization opportunities on our production line, ranging from pilots and cabin crew to mechanics, loaders and the station service.


In addition, it is better for the environment, as we reduce our fuel consumption considerably.


Fly ‘n Sleep – more passengers on fewer flights

Part of the optimization strategy is, for example, our product, Fly 'n Sleep, which are cheaper tickets on machines that would otherwise fly with empty seats from Nuuk, Ilulissat and Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq. We typically experience the empty seats on machines from the three major cities, which fly to Kangerlussuaq after the Atlantic machine has taken off.


With Fly ‘n Sleep, our passengers have the opportunity to buy cheaper tickets in exchange for staying overnight in Kangerlussuaq until the next day's Atlantic flight.