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Takuss - Qangami!

Experience our fantastic Greenland or visit your loved ones at good Takuss prices. There are plenty of opportunities to travel in Greenland, and we offer Takuss prices on a wide range of domestic routes.

Enjoy the icebergs of Ilulissat and Uummannaq, discover the jagged mountains of Tasiilaq, explore the cultural riches of Nuuk or visit the hot springs of South Greenland. If you're going to another city to celebrate a first day of school, confirmation, wedding or graduation, travel with Takuss. 

Takuss prices are available on selected flights and are the cheapest alternative. Takuss ticket is suitable for those who have a planned holiday and want to buy the ticket well in advance. A Takuss ticket cannot be changed or upgraded. 

Please note: Children from 2 to 11 years receive up to a 50% discount.

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A Photographer Shooting Rugged Mountain Peaks Near Sermiligaaq In East Greenland

What is Takuss?

The Takuss ticket is available on selected departures and is the cheapest alternative.

The Takuss ticket is suitable for those of you who have a planned holiday and who can buy the ticket in good time.

A Takuss ticket cannot be changed or upgraded.

Terms and conditions

  • Takuss is sold as one-way trips. All travel routes must be used.
    You can e.g. do not skip a departure. If you do not show up for a departure, the remainder of the journey will be cancelled

  • Please note that there is a limited number of tickets on selected departures
  • All prices are "from" prices
  • The ticket cannot be refunded or changed