Cancellation in the traffic programme for wednesday

Cancellation in the traffic programme for wednesday

We're working on it.

Due to the runway in Nuuk will not be clear before thursday at 6AM, all flight to and from Nuuk is going to be cancelled.


All affected passengers will receive a new itinerary before 9PM local greenlandic time tonight.


If you wish to cancel or rebook for a later departure, please contact us via this link:


If you have booked the trip through a travel agency and want to cancel the trip, please contact the travel agency.


You can also follow the changes continuously during flight times on the Club Timmisa app, where you can follow a departure, or on our website here: 


If you need accommodation or a food voucher, you must contact the staff at the airport or heliport for further information. You can also read more here about what you can do when your journey is delayed:


If you have questions or need help in connection with your trip, remember that you can always contact customer service at

We apologize for the inconvenience to our travelers and we promise to work as quickly as we can to get everyone to their destinations as soon as possible.