Dansk Metal sends strike notice - again

Dansk Metal sends strike notice - again


The Labour organisation Dansk Metal has sent a second strike notice in response to Air Greenland's offer of wage increases in connection with the collective bargaining negotiations. The strike could start on 23 June and will affect all flights between Denmark and Greenland if it becomes a reality.


In April last year, Air Greenland and Dansk Metal entered into a collective agreement after a lengthy negotiation process that ended in the Conciliation Office after Dansk Metal had announced a strike in the run-up to the Easter traffic. There, the parties agreed to meet again in 2023 to exclusively negotiate the wages of Dansk Metal's members, which in Air Greenland includes the Aircraft Mechanics. Dansk Metal has rejected the proposed wage increases offered by Air Greenland and has now sent a second strike notice, which means that a strike may be launched on 23 June if no agreement is reached before then.


Air Greenland's head of negotiations, HR Director Mads Barlach Christensen, is annoyed by the notice, where Dansk Metal once again takes the Greenlandic population and the business community hostage.


- "We are dealing with a group of employees who already have very good pay conditions. On top of that, we have offered a very favourable increase in wages that is higher than what other professional groups in the Greenlandic labour market have received. We believe that the offers ensure Dansk Metal's members several years ahead, including in relation to inflation in Greenland, and will create peace of mind for both employees and Air Greenland in the coming years.

It has been important for us to create good conditions and peace of mind for this group of employees, so that we are all well equipped for the future. There is only one place we can get the additional wage increase demanded by Dansk Metal - and that is in the ticket prices that customers have to pay. To ensure the company's continued existence, Air Greenland has had to insist that Dansk Metal must relate to Greenlandic conditions, anything else would be irresponsible, explains the HR Director. 


Despite this, all Air Greenland's proposals for wage increases have been rejected by Dansk Metal and on 22 May 2023, Air Greenland received a second strike notice.


"Dansk Metal has demanded a completely unreasonable wage increase. They demand wage increases for 1 year, which corresponds to what other professional groups have received over 3 to 4 years. We have offered several different wage increase models over several years, so that Dansk Metal's members are secured for several years to come and customers do not have to deal with a new strike notice every year. However, all our offers have been rejected by Dansk Metal," says the HR Director. 


Air Greenland is now awaiting a summons from the Conciliation Board, which is expected to call both parties to negotiations to try to find a solution before the strike takes effect.


"We know that if the strike becomes a reality, it will affect large parts of our society. Dansk Metal comes at a time when many customers have planned their holidays and many parents are looking forward to seeing their children who are in continuation school or education.


May 22nd 2023