Ice Cap in Greenland

The Ice Cap in Greenland is thousands of years old, and its power is overwhelming and breathtaking. Look forward to meeting the largest ice cap in the northern hemisphere.

Greenland's inland ice - An attraction in a class of its own

For years, nature lovers have made the pilgrimage to Greenland to get close to the giant ice cap that fills 81% of the country's area. Here, fantastic forces are locked in an icy embrace of unimaginable dimensions and shapes. When you stand there, it dawns on you that white is not just white. The sun makes its ice cream flash in different shades of turquoise and green. A first encounter with the ice sheet is both moving and remarkable - and unforgettable.

What is inland ice?

he inland ice is an ice cap in Greenland, which was formed for approx. 2-3 mio. years ago. It is the world's second largest ice cap, and is thus only surpassed by Antarctica. The Greenland ice sheet is large and covers 80% of the Greenlandic area. This makes it a very integral part of Greenland's nature and culture and a popular tourist destination.


Greenland is one of the places in the world where you can have the most unique experiences with the ice sheet. There are several destinations in Greenland where it is possible for you to get out and hike on the ice sheet, ride a dog sled, or watch the inland ice from a helicopter. The possibilities are many, so it is only up to you to decide how you want to experience one of the world's greatest natural phenomena.

So remote – and yet so close

It’s inevitable that your thoughts fly as far away as the mass of ice. How far does it stretch from east to west, north to south?

In a helicopter you get a feeling of the distances which you can scarcely dream about. By boat and with a good pair of hiking boots it’s possible to get close to the edge of the ice at several places.


In Kangerlussuaq the Ice Sheet is 25 km away and you can reach it by mountain bike, on foot or in an off-roader. Be transported in an off-roader from Kangerlussuaq to the Russell Glacier with its 60-metre sheer face.


If you visit the area in the summer, you may be lucky enough to see the ice calving. Perhaps you’d like a trip in which you walk for 2 days on the ice and stay overnight in a tent. We guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep and a new insight into how insignificant you are in the great scheme of things.

In Ilulissat it’s also possible to get very close to the natural wonder. Set out on a two-day hike from Glacier Lodge Eqi with specially trained guides. We follow in the footsteps of the French Arctic explorer Paul-Emile Victor and walk up onto the Ice Sheet and see the turquoise meltwater eat its way through the ice.


The Ice Cap forms glaciers which, due to the pull of gravity, migrate out towards the coast. There the ice breaks off and forms icebergs.
At the edge of the Ice Cap the ice is much more uneven. There are clefts and crevices, meltwater lakes and small rivers.
The age of the ice varies from around 500 years to 100,000 years at the edge of the ice. The bottom layer has been found to be 250,000 years old.
If all the ice melts, the world’s oceans will rise by six to seven metres – that’s worth thinking about!
Ice in one form or another makes up part of just about every excursion. World of Greenland in Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq organises trips of various lengths to and onto the Ice Sheet.

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