Kuujjuaq impresses with its spectacular landscape, where emerald rivers wind through the tundra and towering mountains are reflected in crystal clear lakes. Adventure to Pingualuit National Park, where a meteorite crater creates a surreal oasis. The legendary Leaf River and its wealth of wild salmon attracts anglers from around the world, while local culture flourishes in craft markets and colorful festivals.

Taste authentic Arctic gastronomy where you can enjoy delicacies such as freshly caught fish, caribou meat and local berries. Feel the warmth of the traditional qulliq light illuminating your culinary journey.

Experiences in Kuujjuaq

Museum of Culture

Dive into the soul of Kuutjuuaq by exploring its hidden gems. Visit the historic Avataq Cultural Museum, which tells the story of the rich history of the Inuit people through fascinating exhibitions. Discover the local artists and their works that adorn the streets and create an artistically vibrant urban environment.


Leaf River

For anglers, the Leaf River is an irresistible call. Be seduced by the magnificent scenery as you cast your line into the crystal clear rivers. Catch your own wild salmon and be part of the centuries-old tradition that connects people with nature.

Local art scene

Explore the streets of Kuujjuaq, vibrant with color and art. Local artists decorate the town with impressive murals and sculptures that tell their own stories. Be inspired by the creative energy that fills the air.


Culture and festivals

Experience the spirit of Kuujjuaq through colorful festivals and cultural events. Meet the locals, participate in traditional ceremonies and feel the pulse of the vibrant culture that makes Kuujjuaq a unique destination.


Pingualuit National Park is home to the stunning Pingualuit Crater, created by a meteorite over 1.4 million years ago

Kuujjuaq is an outdoor gallery. Take a walk through the streets of the town and discover impressive murals and sculptures created by local artists who have woven their stories into the walls of the town


Kuujjuaq is located in northern Canada, in the region of Nunavik in the province of Quebec

Kuujjuaq is home to a rich Inuit culture and the people here have strong connections to their traditions

The city experiences an Arctic climate with cool temperatures all year round. Winters are characterized by snow and ice, and summer brings long days of sunshine

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