Siorapaluk is the most northerly 'proper' settlement in Greenland – and in the whole world, according to many. Only bases and military facilities have living quarters that are situated further north. The settlement is located on Hayes Peninsula on the northern shore of Robertson Fjord and there are around 200 kilometres to Qaanaaq. The location is named after the narrow beach onto which the settlement faces. Siorapaluk has a Pilersuisoq grocery store and a school chapel as a place of worship. The area offers good hunting and fishing, in particular for seals, walruses, foxes, hares and Little Auks.

A number of the inhabitants are descendents of the Inuit from Nunavut, who travelled across Smith Sound in 1880 and settled here. Therefore both Inuktitut and Greenlandic dialect are spoken in the area.


Means 'a small, sandy place'

Many descendents of Inuit from Nunavut

Midnight sun for 120 days and complete darkness for 108 days

1362 kilometres from the North Pole

Approx. 40 inhabitants

Little Auks Colony Near Siorapaluk. Photo By Kim Insuk Visit Greenland

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