Narsaq is situated at the centre of a huge fjord complex at the foot of the 685-m high Qaqqarsuaq Fjeld. The glaciers north of the town are responsible for supplying icebergs, and the fjords are rich in seals, salmon, trout and minke whales. Temperatures are relatively mild: around 22 degrees in the summer and minus 17 degrees in the winter.

Experiences in Narsaq


The majority of Narsaq’s population are involved in sheep-breeding and fishing. Tourism and the service sector also provide jobs for the town. A lamb abattoir, a house of culture and food school, which trains some of Greenland’s finest chefs, ensure that time doesn’t stand still and that young people either remain in Narsaq or move to the town in order to study or get a job.


Culture of Norse settlers

Narsaq is a good place in which to explore the culture of the Norse settlers. A permanent exhibition in the house of culture highlights the migrations, tools and clothing of the Norse settlers. Let your imagination run riot. Imagine Erik the Red and his relatives who arrived in Greenland more than 1,000 years ago, then lived and prospered on farms in South Greenland until they disappeared for reasons still unknown some 500 years later.


Valuable stone

Kvanefjeld has gained great importance during recent years due to the recovery of the gem stone tugtupite and is also known for its many minerals. The mountain lies around eight kilometres northeast of the town and represents a major attraction for people interested in geology.


Local food

As in all other Greenlandic towns worth their salt, Narsaq also has a so-called Kalaaliaraq where provisions are sold. However, in this case the place has a refinement which many others don’t have. Here there are bags of angelica, potatoes and turnips adjacent to the cod, seal, and char. We’re in the south of the country, and vegetables are harvested in abundance.

Experiences in Narsaq

Welcome to the experiences of the other world. Where else can you find snow, ice, mountains, sea and whales close to green plains with potato fields? Go exploring for new exciting experiences right here.


The fells at Narsaq contain special minerals and are a paradise for geologists and collectors of stones.

The red gemstone tugtupite is found only in the Ilimaussaq area near Narsaq. The gemstone is considered to be Greenland’s national stone.

Poet and priest Henrik Lund (1875-1948) built his own house, which today is open to visitors.

Around 500 of the world’s 3,500 known minerals are found in Greenland.

If you like hiking and alternative types of accommodation, then walk from farm to farm and experience the life of a Greenlandic farmer. Many of the sheep farms offer overnight accommodation.

Face Wood Carving, Narsaq Museum. Photo Peter Lindstrom , Visit Greenland

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