Isortoq lies approximately 100 km west of Tasiilaq on Greenland’s east coast and is Ammassalik’s smallest and most southerly settlement. For those that cross the Ice Sheet, Isortoq is a very special settlement. If you come from the west, it’s the first built-up area you meet following your exertions over 600 km of ice. Isortoq is often the starting or finishing point of expeditions crossing the Ice Sheet because it’s so close to the ice cap. Isortoq means “the foggy sea”. It was said in former times that there was so much fog on the water that a kayaker couldn’t see his own paddle when he dipped it in the water!

Experiences in Isortoq

For the tough ones

Isortoq is situated just five kilometres from where the Ice Cap has its steep, harsh and dramatic beginnings. Here there are no fells to shelter the small houses from the storms that batter the area and you get a good picture of what the Inuit were up against in the often merciless nature of the Arctic. However, there’s a good reason why the settlement was established here, as the area is great for hunting.


The many islands, fjords and coves, combined with a huge amount of drifting ice and large icebergs, make the area a paradise for seals and other wildlife. Get close to a settlement that has bred some of Greenland’s toughest hunters and most skilful dog handlers. This is quite simply a prerequisite for survival, and is just as true today as it was in the past.


Tasiilaq's smallest settlement

5 kilometres from the Ice Cap

Many expeditions begin here

Isortoq means 'The foggy Sea'

Good hunting grounds

Approx. 70 inhabitants

Ice Crystals Looking Like Flowers Adam Lyberth, Visit Greenland

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