Kulusuk is the gateway to East Greenland. The settlement lies on a small rocky island between jagged fells and elongated fjords, whilst white-crested icebergs can be glimpsed in the distance.

Tourists aren’t a rarity in the region. Many day-trippers from Iceland come to the settlement in order to experience the views – both of a traditional settlement, which is primarily based on hunting and fishing, and of the fantastic Apusiaajik glacier. The settlement is also known for its talented craftsmen, and in particular the so-called ‘tupilaks’, which are traditional small figures made from bone or tooth, are of high quality.


The landscape is perfect to hike in and we all recommend a trip to the top of Mount Isikajia, located at a little more than 300 meters altitude. From there, there is a breathtaking view of the huge icebergs in Danmarksstrædet and the high mountains 100 km away.



The journey from the airport to the settlement takes around 40 minutes on foot and runs through Arctic tundra with splendid Arctic flora and buttercups during the summer.
Hotel Kulusuk is the only hotel in a settlement in Greenland. It is situated just a few metres from the sea and has a direct view of the Apusiaajik glacier.
Earlier, the island of Kulusuk was the most densely populated area in Ammassalik. In 1930 some 165 people lived in the Kulusuk settlement, whilst only 112 lived in Tasiilaq.
Today you can stay in private accommodation in Kulusuk, or pitch a tent wherever you like in the countryside.


The gateway to East Greenland

Was also known as 'Cape Dan' before

Approx. 260 inhabitants

The airport was built in 1956

Settlement and airport

Rocky island in the East Greenland archipelago

Three Hikers In The Mountains Near Qernertivartivit Not Far From Kulusuk In East Greenland

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