Tiniteqilaaq is one of the five settlements in the area around the island of Ammassalik. The settlement is located on the other side of the Ikasativaq Fjord, north of Ammassalik Island and facing onto Sermilik, which is one of the great ice fjords in East Greenland. In the beautiful ice fjord it's not unusual to spot both minke whales and narwhals, in addition to which enormous icebergs can be seen floating past the settlement.

Hunting is the main occupation in Tiniteqilaaq, as evidenced by the large number of characteristic narrow East Greenlandic dogsleds, in addition to which fishing is an important way to make a living, both during the summer from a dinghy and during the winter through the ice. The settlement has a Pilersuisoq grocery store and a village hall, and tourists can stay overnight in the settlement's service building.


Faces onto the fantastic Sermilik ice fjord

Means 'the place with a range of hills'

Possibly founded in 1923

Often just called 'Tinit'

Approx. 110 inhabitants

A Photographer Shooting Rugged Mountain Peaks Near Sermiligaaq In East Greenland

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