Nuussuaq is located on the northwest part of the peninsula of the same name approximately 200 kilometres north of Upernavik. This is, however, not the same Nuussuaq Peninsula that fringes the northern shore of Disko Bay. Nuussuaq is a common name in Greenland and the country's second largest neighbourhood (in Nuuk) is also called Nuussuaq. The main occupations are hunting and fishing.

The settlement was founded in 1923, originally under the name of Kraulshavn, named in honour of the former colonial administrator in Upernavik, H.P. Kraul. There are many whales in the area, so it's a good place to go hiking and to observe the enormous mammals. The higher temperatures that are the result of global warming have had an influence on the sea ice and made hunting of seals more difficult during the winter.


Means 'the great headland'

The area is great for hiking

The settlement's new church is from 2011

Approx. 200 inhabitants

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