Aappilattoq can be translated as "the red mountain" and is a settlement connected to Upernavik in the northwestern region of Greenland. Due to the milder weather, this means that the water at Aappilattoq is free of ice almost all year round, even in the winter months. This means that season does not matter for the high number of inhabitants' occupations, which are hunting and fishing, which can thus also be done in the winter months. The main catch is halibut and seals.

In Aappilattoq you can experience dog sledding or kayaking, which goes to Upernavik.


Aappilattoq was established in 1805 and became a trading post in 1850

The settlement has a population of approx. 180

‘Paviap atuarfia’ is the school's name

Paviap atuarfik is also an activity centre for all local inhabitants and has a swimming pool

Aappilattoq has several shops, a church and a fish factory

A Polar Bear Skin Hanging On A Rack In East Greenland To Dry And Become As White As Possible

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